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Di Maria’s wife launches attack on Manchester, claims player only joined United for the money

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Di Maria’s wife launches attack on Manchester, claims player only joined United for the money

Angel Di Maria’s wife has hit out at the city of Manchester, claiming it was a horrible experience to lie there and says the player only joined Manchester United because of money.

The Red Devils completed the famous signing of Di Maria in 2014 for a fee of 59.7 million. At the time, the deal made headlines as it was the then record for transfers in British football.

The Argentine forward already had a huge reputation on his shoulders from his time at Real Madrid and was expected to light up Old Trafford. However, it never worked out and Di Maria ended up as one of the club’s worst buys, which still stands still date.

The 34-year-old, who now plays for Juventus, only stayed a year at United before the Manchester club had to cut their losses and sell him Paris Saint-Germain.

Manchester was a horrible experience, claims Di Maria’s wife

Looking back at his failed move to Manchester United, his wife has described a terrible experience she suffered alongside him, during his time at the club.

In an interview with Argentine TV channel LAM, Di Maria’s wife, Jorgelina Cardoso, said: “Angel came to me one day and said, ‘look at this proposal from Manchester United’. I didn’t want to go, I told him to go alone. He replied: ‘let’s go both of us”.

“It was a lot of money, more than the Spaniards had offered. So, we went. If you work in a company and someone offers you double the salary, you go running.”

“We were friends with Gianinna Maradona, [ex-Manchester City striker] Sergio Aguero’s wife, and we travelled to Manchester on vacation for a year. It was always horrible! We came home and I said, ‘If you’re ever transferred, make sure it’s anywhere in the world but England”.

She did not end her attack on the city itself but also took a dig at the people as well.

“I didn’t like it at all… I can tell you. People are all weird. You walk around and you don’t know if they’re going to kill you. The food is disgusting. The women look like porcelain. Angel and I were in Madrid, at the best team in the world, perfect food, perfect weather, everything was perfect. And then came United’s proposal.”

“I told him, ‘no way, no way’, but he kept saying we will be a little more financially secure and we have to go. We fought about it. We try to be closer when things go wrong.”

“I don’t blame him for going there. It was horrible, so horrible. I just told him, ‘darling, I want to kill myself, it’s night time at two o’clock’.”

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