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Disgruntled replacements? Gretzka: Denial

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disgruntled substitutes? Gretzka: That's bullshit! Is it not normal to just come back and not start?

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Leon Goretzka [Leon Goretzka]

in the second round of the Champions League group stage, Bayern Munich defeated Barcelona 2-0 at home. In this game, Bayern Munich's German international midfielder Gretzka came off the bench in the second half and used a long shot to create a corner kick. Then teammate Lucas scored through a corner made by Gretzka to break the deadlock.

after the game, Gretzka refuted recent media rumors about his dissatisfaction with the team's situation in an interview. He said: "I can assure you that I have never said anything in this regard, because my words were misinterpreted by the media in a different way. I have no opinion that the coach did not arrange me to start today."

earlier, the German media had reported that Gretzka was actively pressuring the head coach in the team to force Nagelsmann to give him a chance to start as soon as possible.

gretzka said: "I had been injured for six weeks and just played 90 minutes last Saturday, so I knew I wouldn't start today. Sabitzer did a great job and I was annoyed by these so-called locker room conflicts and we got along very well with the team. The schedule this season is very heavy and everyone will get a chance to play."

Leon Goretzka [Leon Goretzka]

Lucas Hernández [Lucas Hernández]

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