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Kanter and Chelsea contract extension stalemate

Football Ant 2022/09/13 09:02 | 1247

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kanter and Chelsea can't agree on the salary of the renewal period.

N'Golo Kante [N'Golo Kanté]

according to an exclusive report by Fabrizio Romano, a famous Italian Sky Sports reporter, Chelsea and Kanter's contract renewal are currently deadlocked.

The problem is not just the length of the contract (that is, the length), so far the two sides have not been able to reach an agreement on wages. This has been considered a difficult negotiation for months. What is more interesting is that Kanter's contract extension is actually close to being reached before Chelsea was sold, but negotiations with the new owner are very difficult and complicated at present.



for Chelsea, the team's record has slipped after Kanter's injury. In fact, the situation is already obvious. The club's senior management should not consider the impact of Kanter's frequent injuries in recent years, but should see his role in the team and continue as soon as possible. The convention was right. When Tuchel was in the team, considering that the core would be injured every season, the club's senior management also postponed the contract renewal, so he missed the opportunity to renew the contract earlier. At present, the succession of the new manager also needs the return of the core to help the team tide over the difficulties, so the club should really propose to renew the contract as soon as possible, otherwise the player's contract expires and leaves the team next summer.

kante was injured in Chelsea's match against Tottenham Hotspur on August 14. At that time, the manager thought he would not be out for long, but did not predict that the player's right thigh injury would confirm that he would be out for a month. Now one is coming. He is still unable to return, which shows that the severity of the injury needs more time. Since joining Chelsea, Kanter has basically played the entire game and has a high attendance rate.



if the team can continue to win without Kanter, the renewal may be delayed. If the team is still in the doldrums, Kanter can do it when he returns. If it can help the team restart the winning streak mode, the new club will also provide a reasonable contract extension, which is what Chelsea fans hope. The current Blue Squadron Captain Aspilicueta chose to stick to the Blue Bridge, which is touching. If Kante is willing to stay, with these two in charge, Chelsea's record will not be too bad.

during his time at Chelsea, Kante was invited by other teams every summer. He firmly refused, such meritorious players, really should stay.

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