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Rashford: loyal to Manchester United

Football Ant 2022/08/22 09:46 | 1489

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rashford: I'm 100% loyal to Manchester United and Tenharg hopes the players can enjoy the match

[Marcus Rashford]

tenghag [Erik ten Hag]

in an interview with Sky Sports, United striker Rashford spoke about his loyalty to United and his views on Tenhag. He stated that he is 100% loyal to Manchester United and he hopes to help Manchester United win more championships. In addition, he said that Tengharg hopes that the players can enjoy the game and fight like a team.

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rashford [Marcus Rashford]

On loyalty to Manchester United

rashford said: "There is no doubt that this is absolute. It is not negotiable for me."

"My dedication and commitment to training and games has never changed. I feel that no matter what the situation is, I must do my best for myself, my family, friends and fans."

"I have always wanted to play for Manchester United for as long as possible and help the team compete for more championships. I hope we can compete for the championship again. This is definitely what I am trying to do."

About the team's predicament and new coach Tenhag

"It's really difficult, especially last season when we didn't get as high as we should be and we didn't get where we were. It's something we're going to continue to work on and certainly something the team is trying to solve, and we have to understand the current situation and continue to push ourselves to work every day."

"I think Tenhag needs time to adapt. Some coaches adapt faster than we thought, but the bottom line for the manager is that he needs to feel comfortable. He needs to feel that this is what he wants to accomplish and enjoy the job very much."

"Tenharg wants us to enjoy the game and we want to work as a team. I have always said that when you work as a whole, it will bring ten times the fun."

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