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Sadio Mane's lackluster performance

Football Ant 2022/09/14 06:21 | 941

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Nagelsmann: Mane played in a new position today and Bayern performed better in the second half.

Sadio Mane

Thomas Müller

Lucas Hernández

Manuel Neuer

Robert Lewandowski (Robert Lewandowski)


Muller and Mane actively grabbed points in the middle, and the two collided.

in the second round of the Champions League group stage, Bayern Munich beat Barcelona 2-0 at home. After the game, Bayern Munich coach Nagelsmann talked about the game.

About the performance of this competition

"In the first half, Barcelona had a better chance than us, but we had Neuer. Our final handling was not very good. In the second half, our defense was much better and more aggressive. Then we scored an important set-piece and scored the second goal quickly. We were slightly better after the break and Barcelona were better in the first half. Today, we showed the lack of efficiency against Stuttgart or Monchengladbach. In the end, our efficiency ultimately determines the result of today's game."

About Mane's Sluggish Performance

"He is in a brand new position today, a position he has not played in Liverpool before, we are happy to have him and he will make his mark in our game."

About Lucas's Injuries

"He felt a bit torn in the adductor part and he couldn't walk properly in the dressing room."

About Lewandowski's return to Allianz Stadium

"Lewandowski is the best shooter in the restricted area in the world. As a former deceased, when you come here, you deserve good courtesy, no matter what role you have played in any position."

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