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Škriniar choice? 9 million & 6 million

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paris Saint-Germain gives Schek 9 million annual salary and Inter Milan gives 6 million at most.

Milan Škrinyar (Milan Š), born in Slovakia on February 11, 1995, is a Slovak male professional football player who serves as a central defender and currently plays for Serie A Inter Milan Football Club.

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Milan Škriniar

inter Milan central defender Shkrinia mentioned his future at the press conference, and today's Gazzetta dello Sport also reported more details: considering that Shkko's contract has less than one year to expire, it is not easy to complete the renewal. Paris Saint-Germain's offer is much higher than Inter Milan, but the negotiations are still open.

"I have never talked about this publicly, and I prefer to keep the status quo, so I don't want to talk about the future or my contract, because this is not the right occasion. If there is new news, I will tell you directly as usual," Shkrenia said at the press conference yesterday."

and then in a slow-motion interview, Shkrinia changed his tone slightly: "Everyone is talking about my future, but I'm an Inter player, I just want to give everything for this jersey, and although there are a lot of rumors, I just want to get back to my best condition as soon as possible. Give the fans some comfort? After all these years, they obviously know me very well."

"La Gazzetta dello Sport" Inter and team reporter Filippo Conticello wrote in the article: Schrigna's follow-up words gave the fans some comfort, but there is still uncertainty in the contract renewal negotiations. The annual salary offered by Paris Saint-Germain is much higher than Inter, but the renewal situation is still open.

paris is willing to provide Shkrinia with an annual salary of 9 million euros after tax (including bonus), while Inter Milan's offer can only reach the 6 million after tax. This will not be a simple negotiation, because Paris has never given up the goal of Shkrinia. They may launch another pursuit in January and may even try to take away the players without a visa next year.

however, Shkrinia's own statement does not need to be interpreted too dramatically, because his love for Inter Milan has always been there, and he also has the ambition to continue to win the championship with Inter. Schek just wants to focus more on the court, because he has just recovered from injury this summer and he hopes to reach the 100% form as soon as possible.

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