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Tribute to death of Queen of England, suspension of Premier League

Football Ant 2022/09/09 03:52 | 1530

The Premier League is expected to suspend two rounds in memory of the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

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Elizabeth II,1926/4/21-2022/9/8.png

Elizabeth II,1926/4/21-2022/9/8

britain's Queen Elizabeth II dies at 96. Many British media said that sports events such as the Premier League will be postponed.

when the news of the Queen's death was announced, Arsenal's game against Zurich had already begun. At half-time, the two sides held a 1 minute silence.

according to the Post, on Thursday night local time, Premier League officials held talks with the government to discuss whether this weekend's football match can continue after Her Majesty's death.

reports say many clubs believe this weekend's games will be postponed and the Premier League is expected to announce the decision on Friday morning.

Elizabeth II.png

Elizabeth II

as a sign of respect, almost all sports on Friday were canceled on Thursday night, including the England-South Africa cricket match the next day, the BMW PGA Golf Championship at Wentworth, and all the Queen's favorite sport-racing. Friday's EFL events, with Burnley vs. Norwich and Tranmere vs. Stockport also postponed.

the cancellation of the entire Premier League game will result in a tight schedule later this season, as there is no free time between now and the middle of the week of the winter break. The World Cup will open in Qatar after a seven-day suspension from the Premier League.

no matter what happens this weekend, next week's European war will continue, with Manchester United's Europa League match against Real Sociedad next Thursday night under UEFA's arrangement. Since September 19 is the beginning of the international holiday, there are no fixed arrangements for the funeral day.

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